Ticketmaster App

Ticketmaster is an american ticket sales and distribution company. The current app hasn't suffered any change for at least two years, making it hard to use and even worse, almost impossible to buy a ticket. The app itself doesn't has a purchase system so it redirects you to the official web. In this redesign I try to make it more user friendly through material design.
*(This is an unofficial redesign)


Initial Sketches
While these are not the "initial" sketches per se. These are however the final iteration for both home and event sections. No hamburguer icon nor bottom navigation bar were needed.


Exploded Home

The final home screen is comprehended by a large slider in which featured content is shown. Right below the slider you can find information about the upcoming events in the said month. If you're overwhelmed with events, you can easily filter them out by categories shown in the top section.



Initial Sketches
For the search section I decided to filter out the results by City, Venues, People, Artist, etc, so the user can find what he's looking for in a quick way.